Those Who've Had Colorectal Cancer May Have Sexual Problems in the Future

Are you a man who has recently had treatment for colorectal cancer? Have the treatments had a negative impact on your sex life? Many men experience difficulties developing and maintaining erections after cancer treatment, which can be a source of frustration, embarrassment, and insecurity.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with negative feelings about not being able to perform. The staff at Male Method, located in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Florida, can provide treatment for erectile dysfunction, or ED, as a result of your otherwise successful cancer treatment.

Sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment is common

Colorectal cancer affects thousands of people every year. But as medical technology improves, the survival rate does, too, so long as the disease is caught early. Men are more likely to develop this cancer than women, and as a result, often experience erectile dysfunction post-treatment. 

With prostate cancer, men are offered information about how to combat ED, but this happens less often when they have colorectal cancer. Many doctors don’t think to offer ED treatment options during the final cancer check-ups, and some men may feel embarrassed about reaching out for help. 

At Male Method, our staff is more sensitive than other clinics to the unique needs and concerns of men with this disease. We make sure to offer ED treatment options in addition to cancer treatment.

How ED is treated

There are various ways that ED can be treated. One common treatment is oral medications, which include Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. But not all men respond well to these medications, in which case the Male Method staff may recommend extracorporeal shock wave therapy: a safe, effective method (despite its odd name) that treats ED by using sound waves. The shock wave therapy improves blood flow to the penis for stronger and longer-lasting erections. There are also liquid medications that are injected directly into the penis.

ED treatment helps men regain confidence as they regain strength after cancer treatment. The staff at Male Method will be sure to follow up with you about the progress of ED treatment in addition to follow-up appointments that ensure the cancer hasn’t returned.

Learn more about erectile dysfunction treatment after colorectal cancer

If you’re concerned about your sexual performance after cancer treatment, we understand, and are here to help. You can reach us for an appointment at three different locations: Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can also schedule an appointment at any of the three locations online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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