Understanding TriMix/ICI

One third of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) find that oral medications (the typical first line of defense) either don’t work or are problematic for them. Penis pumps can be unreliable, and implants are extremely invasive.

At The Male Method, in Mobile, Alabama, our team of sexual health experts are dedicated to helping you find your path back to enjoyable sex. We offer the TriMix/ICI option, a safe, reliable method for getting and maintaining an erection that you can administer to yourself at home.

There’s no need to fear they’re virtually painless and can be discreetly administered for fast results.

The cause of erectile dysfunction

Three different erectile tissue masses make up the shaft of your penis. The inner mass is the corpora spongiosum. When this mass is erect, it keeps your urethra open so you can ejaculate. 

The two outer masses on each side of the shaft are the corpora cavernosa. When they are erect, your penis becomes and stays hard and lengthened.

When erectile tissues fail to swell and harden, you can find yourself lacking a sex life. If “the little blue pill” doesn’t work, you may be wondering what you can do to get and hold an erection long enough for pleasurable intercourse.

Fast, natural erections are possible

Erectile drugs can be injected directly into erectile tissue to stimulate an erection. This type of injection is known as an intracorporeal injection (ICI.) 

The drugs almost immediately stimulate blood flow to your penis, so you get a natural erection. This method works for nearly nine out of 10 men who use it. 

There are three main types of injectable erectile drugs: papaverine, phentolamine, and Alprostadil. A mix of these three drugs is effective for most men, and it is called TriMix. 

This medicine is kept in a freezer until it is time to use it. We can administer this shot for the first time in our office so you can see how it works.

How TriMix/ICI works

The needle used to administer TriMix is a very small, hair like, thin needle. You’ll simply hold your penis in your non-dominant hand and use a special injector to inject the TriMix solution at the base of the penis at either the 10 or 2:00 position. 

There minimal pain with just a warming sensation as the medicine spreads through your erectile tissue and starts stimulating blood flow. Most men describe the injection as just a light “thump” at the base of the penis.

Typically, the results are evident in less than 10 minutes. Once you’ve confirmed that this method works for you, and understand how to give yourself the injection, you can discreetly self-administer the injection before a sexual encounter. 

Once the injection is administered, you can begin foreplay. Your erection will appear to happen naturally during intimacy, and it will last about an hour to an hour and a half.

Advantages of TriMix/ICI  

If you have certain medical conditions, you may not be able to use first-line methods of ED treatment like oral medications. You may also have tried oral meds and found they don’t work for you. TriMix/ICI is an entirely different approach.

There are no side effects similar to those from oral meds. TriMix/ICI affects mainly your penile erectile tissue instead of entering your whole system. Your dose can be carefully calibrated, so you don’t end up with an erection that lasts hours (priapism). 

TriMix/ICI also works faster than other methods, meaning you can get right down to business after you inject. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how TriMix/ICI can help you achieve satisfaction in your sex life, contact our Mobile, Alabama, office today. You can call 251-283-0330 or make an appointment online.

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