What Is a “Normal” Sex Drive?

Popular culture would have you think men of every age are either thinking about or engaging in sexual activity way more than is humanly possible. And you get lumped together as “always interested.” These notions fail to take into account that men are infinitely diverse when it comes to their sex drives, which makes it hard to pin down what a “normal” one is. 

Many health-related and situational factors contribute to a man’s sex drive, so again, it’s too simplistic to say that twice per month, per week, or per day is standard.

The Male Method practice is devoted to assisting men who, for any reason, are experiencing disappointment in their low desire. Solutions do exist, and the teams at all three of our practices are here to help. 

The myth of “normal”

A 98.6 degree body temperature has been designated as “normal,” but does everyone register as this temp on their average healthy day? Absolutely not. What about that banana? Some find it an ideal snack when it’s nearly green, and others will only eat one when it’s mushy and flecked with brown.

All this is to say that there’s an unbelievably broad range of what’s considered normal — including when it comes to your sex drive — so you shouldn’t get overly distracted by this label. 

If you notice, for example, that you used to have a healthy interest in sex, but that suddenly changed, you may want to return to what has always been normal for you

Why am I experiencing low sex drive?

There are literally dozens of reasons you’re finding you don’t have the desire you once did, including:

And the list goes on. There are men whose main sexual challenge is staying power, but desire is an entirely different thing, and it’s more a combination of brain and body than just mechanics.

What can I do to get back to my normal level of desire if I’m experiencing low sex drive?

The medical experts at Male Method can help if you’ve become concerned about not having sexual thoughts and urges anymore or if you’re simply experiencing a disconnect with your partner because of these issues.

We customize our treatment to what’s going on with you and learn as much as we can to try to get to the root of your lack of desire. Then we put together a treatment menu designed for you that may include a combination of therapeutic options.

Depending on your needs, we may prescribe medications to help shift your mood, testosterone therapy, or prescription medication that can be injected into the penis to remedy erectile dysfunction, or ED. This medication is also available in urethral suppository form. 

An innovative advancement we offer men with low sex drive is the latest advancement in peptide therapy. PT-141 is a naturally occurring peptide in our bodies. Recently, it was discovered this peptide is effecftive for both men AND women in increasing libido, or low sex drive, sexual urges and in helping to promote stronger orgasms. This peptide therapy is effective on both men and their female partners. We can’t wait to tell you more about it. Get treated for low sex drive, because sex is good for you!

It’s true. Not only does regular ejaculation support your rest and release tension, it’s been linked to a lower risk for cardiovascular disease and improved immune system functioning.

You don’t have to live with low sex drive

Instead of lamenting the loss of your sexual appetite, do something about it. And stop making comparisons — to heck with what any other man’s “normal” sex drive may be, you just need to start creating your own new (and better) normal. More satisfying orgasms and an increased libido is right around the corner. 

Whether you’re located in Pensacola, Florida, or are a Mobile, Alabama resident, we’ve got you covered. 

Reach out by phone at 855-742-6621, or schedule an appointment using our convenient online booking tool at any of our locations. It’s time you did something for yourself and your relationship. 

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