Why You Should Try Penis Injections Instead of Oral Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

While oral medications are typically the front line treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), they don’t work for a staggering one out of three men For those who do find oral meds to work, the side effects may be a big turn off and make gaining an erection not worth it.

At The Male Method, in Mobile, Alabama, our compassionate team of sexual health experts can help you attain erections when desired, without the side effects and unreliability of oral medications. While penis injections may sound scary, there’s no need to fear they’re virtually painless and can be discreetly administered for fast results.

How penis injections work

Your penis is made of three erectile tissue masses, which run down its length. These are called the single corpora spongiosum, which surrounds the urethra and keeps it open during sex for ejaculation, and the dual corpora cavernosa. An injection into one of the cavernosa masses is called an intercavernosal injection, or ICI.

At the Male Method, the preferred injectible is TriMix. TriMix is a mix of three different erectile drugs, including paverine, phentolamine, and Alprostadil. Most men can achieve an erection within 7-10 minutes after injecting TriMix, and your erection lasts about 1 - 1.5 hrs. The drugs increase blood flow, and your entire penis can become satisfactorily erect.

Penis injections vs. oral medications

The biggest advantages of TriMix ICI over oral medications are:

In one study, 89% of men who used TriMix ICI were able to successfully have intercourse. You can administer TriMix to yourself after being shown how by your doctor, and your dose can be adjusted up and down until you find the perfect amount required for good sexual encounters.

The TriMix therapy process

TriMix is kept in a freezer until the day you plan to use it. Your doctor will show you exactly how to administer it safely and hygienically, and he’ll help you find the correct dose. The goal is to be able to get an erection within 15 minutes and maintain it for around an hour.  

You can administer TriMix to yourself or have your partner do it. The needle is very small and the pain is minimal. You’ll feel a warming sensation as the medication is injected. TriMix is injected between the base and middle of the penis at either the “2:00” or “10:00” angle (depending on who is doing the injection, and whether you are right or left handed). 

If oral ED meds have failed you, there’s an effective and safe alternative to help you achieve satisfaction in your sex life. Contact our Mobile, Alabama, office today by calling 251-283-0330 or making an appointment online to learn if TriMix ICI is right for you.

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