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About 1 in 3 men in the United States ages 18 to 59 have problems with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be embarrassing for you and disappointing for your partner, but you don’t have to suffer through it. At The Male Method, located in Mobile, AL, the team offers various treatments for premature ejaculation that can give you the boost of confidence you need in the bedroom. To learn more, book an appointment with The Male Method online or over the phone today.

Premature Ejaculation Q & A

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation happens when you ejaculate before you want to during sex. It can happen from time to time without a need for concern. However, symptoms of premature ejaculation that are more problematic include:

  • You’re unable to delay ejaculation during sex almost all of the time
  • You ejaculate within one minute of penetration most of the time
  • You add frustration to your partner
  • You avoid sexual intercourse due to feeling stressed or frustrated with premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be lifelong, or you may acquire it as you age. If premature ejaculation happens often, and it’s causing problems in your personal life, the professional team at The Male Method can help.

What are the risk factors for premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can happen to anybody from time to time. The exact cause of it isn’t known, but certain factors can increase your risk for experiencing premature ejaculation, such as having:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Stress
  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Genetic factors
  • Infection of the urethra or prostate
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Early sexual experiences
  • A history of sexual abuse

The team will help you find a solution to premature ejaculation by finding out what’s causing it.

What is the treatment for premature ejaculation?

The methods the team uses to treat erectile dysfunction work to treat premature ejaculation as well. They also offer solutions more specific to premature ejaculation, such as behavioral strategies and prescription strength numbing agents. The team provides the following treatments:

Behavioral strategies

The team goes over behavioral strategies that may help eliminate premature ejaculation without the need for further treatment. Examples include doing pelvic floor exercises or getting counseling for past troubling sexual encounters or relationships.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

The team uses extracorporeal shock wave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, which in turn helps eliminate premature ejaculation. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a safe and effective method that delivers pulsating sound waves to the penis to improve blood flow and enhance erections.

Penile injections

Another erectile dysfunction treatment that may help you get rid of premature ejaculation is with intracorporeal injections. The team at Male Method shows you how to inject liquid medication into the base of your penis with an auto injector to improve blood flow.

If you’re tired of premature ejaculation affecting your personal life, call The Male Method today to learn more about treatment options or book an appointment online.